Go2POS, a full-service small business-centered management and marketing firm that works specifically to show families the importance of marketing, digital marketing, and brand awareness today, this week announced that in addition to their typical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, they are now also providing photography, Google Live View, and web design.

Cognizant of the importance of streamline digital solutions and infrastructure for helping all small businesses to grow and succeed today, Go2POS oversees Point of Sale system installation for restaurant and retail clients, credit card processing machines and infrastructure to accept credit cards, gift card distribution to drive new, loyal customers, technical support to provide maintenance solutions quickly, and the list goes on.

“It’s close to impossible to operate a functioning, profitable small business today without some kind of credit card acceptance, software support, and digital presence,” said Commi, Founder and Owner of Go2POS. “Our goal is to make all of the marketing and management elements behind success obtainable and affordable to small business owners just trying to make it today.”

Now offering their new services, Go2POS will administer professional photography for service and product depiction, which is essential for SEO rankings on websites and social profiles today. Additionally, through Google Live View and web design, they are able to optimize the profiles with keywords for ensuring that they are ranked and search-able in Google’s results.

“The digital world is ever-changing, and that means SEO configuration is changing too,” said Commi. “What was once enough doesn’t cut it anymore. We’re proud to now be offering a new plethora of services that are absolutely critical for small business marketing, branding, and awareness today.”

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