The best Online Ordering System for your restaurant?

Food delivery business or we can say (ONLINE ORDERING) is growing exponentially this time. Some of the restaurants really understand the benefits of Online Ordering. It is hard for anyone to figure out which company will be good for them. That’s why we are here to serve you better or we can be you foundation for you to be successful in your business.  Online Ordering for restaurants is becoming a popular addition to many restaurant websites. These ordering systems allow customers to place an order and have it ready for pickup, without having to place a phone call or show up at the restaurants.

Increase Sales

Using a Online Ordering take larger than typical phone orders, Increase your restaurant’s sales and a huge potential from cutting down on errors and serve your customer to the fullest.

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Satisfaction and Loyalty are the quality that is important for the customers you have . Give your customers more options and new ways to receive your hospitality to them so that you can serve them even more better.

Pay You Directly

Receive payments for online orders directly to your restaurant account no need to wait to receive the payment of the customer. 


Online Ordering Benefits


Using online ordering can make everyday operations of restaurants more efficient and more effective for a restaurant. 

Payment Directly

Go2POS payment and orders of the customer facilitates instantly and accurately with ease. Unlike other ordering systems, Go2POS sends online payments directly to your restaurant account. Instead of waiting for the money and send to you monthly, have your online transactions sent directly to your merchant account.

Expand Your Reach

You are able to reach customers who would have otherwise not have been in a position to know what your restaurant has to offer from other locations across the nation, because not all of the customers can go in to the store so customer can use the online ordering by taking order it saves money and time for the customer and also online ordering presence will attract more customers.

Powerful Analytics

Using a online ordering , it will be more easier to track and analyze the sales as well as determine if and how your customers are responding to offers, discounts and coupons.

Increase Revenue

Customers have all the time to review the menu and make additional selections that they would not normally make. This leads to a larger order per customer and translates to increased sales for the restaurant.

Eliminate Errors

You will eliminate all of the common errors associated with taking orders over the phone. Fewer errors lead to happier customers and you can get a high recommendation if you serve your customer with less error that they encounter.

Customer Benefits using Online Ordering

Nowadays, many people all over the world are now using Online Ordering using their smartphones and tablets. Whether stuck in traffic, riding the bus or on a break, anyone can place an order quickly and easily, as opposed to waiting until getting home or starting to call.

No Misunderstandings

With the use of online ordering, all preferences are specified directly by the customer, so there is no room for confusions or misunderstandings and also customers can choose all they want to purchase immediately.

Significant Money Savings

Everyone  can order very quick or can take a time to decide what they will purchase and it means less hassle on handling undecided calling clients and the staff time lost in the process.

Lets Customers Explore Your Menu

The customers that have never visited your restaurant the can use the online ordering to explore the menu that your serving, By letting customers browse and explore your menu, you can expect more satisfaction on their end and more profits on yours.

Simple to Use

It is much easier and considerably cheaper to create and maintain a online menu its like a floating restaurant. and it also have low coast no need to hire more people just to serve you customers.


No Waiting or In Line

Customers can order in advance. This is ideal for large orders or catering orders it will also eliminate customer frustration. In addition, when customers pay online, pickup/delivery is fast and simple.

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